Conversations with Coach Byrd [Part 2]

With tryouts quickly approaching, what are you expecting in terms of the turnout and quality of talent you expect at tryouts? What would make the tryouts successful in your mind?

I've already heard from quite a few girls that they will be attending tryouts.  I'm assuming numbers will be pretty big and the talent will be extremely high as well.  I'm looking to add a few more players and some more quality depth for the season.  A successful tryout would be adding some quality players to our U20 pool and also maybe finding a few game changers for our Motor City team with some quality depth and practice players to keep the level high all season.


The club has announced 8 signings so far for the 2016 campaign all of which seem to be big signings. As a coach, it's challenging to single out players, but who do you expect to standout for Motor City FC this season?

In my mind I've played around with different lineups, and it's been the most difficult thing so far. We already lost four of our absolute most talented players to injuries this spring, and still looking at the roster, were super talented and super deep.  There are way to many good names on this current roster to project who will be good this year.  We have a roster full of proven and well decorated college/national team players, that the hardest part is going to get them all to play together.


When does the club begin training and how do you build chemistry amongst a group of athletes so quickly? 

Our first training isn't until May 12th, and even then, quite a few of our girls will still be at school. That will leave us less than a week and a half to prepare for our first two games.  It will be a challenge for sure, but the good thing again is the amount of experience and talent we have, hopefully the girls gel quickly and we can put together some good early chemistry.


What can fans expect in terms of your style of play?

Well anyone that knows me knows that I run a technical training company for soccer players, so with that being said, people can expect a ton of possession and quality soccer from our girls.  I cherish the soccer ball so will make sure they do the same.  Fans can expect to watch some super skillful, quality passing combinations, and extremely hard working girls out on the field.  I want the youth kids that come watch to see how beautiful this game can be played and have our talented Motor City girls show them how fun the game can be when played with confidence.


Any other comments you have?

I just urge families to get out and see these ladies play.  We have put together the best of the best players from around the country and brought them right here to our local soccer families.  Not only are these girls talented, they are all around great kids and ones that I would love to see our youth kids try and emulate their careers after and look to them for guidance and advice.  We will have our girls available to talk and meet with the players after each game.