Conversations with Coach Byrd [Part 3]

How was the first few days of training? What were some positive things you saw and what are some areas you'll look to see improvement in?

The first few days have been fun.  A learning process for sure.  Learning different girls styles, personalities and mentalities has been interesting.  Well the positives are obvious, the amount of individual talent we have on the roster is incredible.  Watching some of the things these girls do with the ball is amazing.  The improvement will have to be in understanding the style of play we're looking for, understanding each others different styles, and figuring out which groups of girls play well together and styles fit.  We don't have a lot of time to make it work so we will do the best we can.


We know you don't like to put the spotlight on one player, but who are some players you expect to have key roles on the team?

There is way to much talent on this team to spotlight individuals but I can tell you, without a lie, I am beyond excited to work with this group.  They are all unique in their own way and there are a lot of kids I'm looking forward to working with based on some conversations.  These girls are motivated, hard working and flat out good kids.  It's what excites me most about doing this.


How do you prepare and make adjustments when playing back to back matches like you are this week? What other tactics do you use to manage your roster? 

Back to backs are always tough, because things can always unexpectedly change after that first game.  We want to come out strong, but also beginning the season want to be smart with the girls legs and not over do it on the first weekend.  We'll have to assess Saturday on the ride home and see where we played well and where we needed improvement and make roster adjustments based on that.  


With some of the best talent in the country on one-team, how do you build chemistry among the girls, especially when a lot of them have never played together before?

This is the tricky part.  The number one objective is to get them all on the same page.  Make sure we have a clear understanding of our team vision and then making sure everyone is bought into that.  We have to realize that we all need each other equally as much for us to succeed.  Sure, there are a lot of individual talented players on this roster but without the rest of the girls, that individual can't succeed.


Do you have a message or anything to say to supporters and the community about May 22nd's home opener? 

We are beyond excited to see all you guys out at the game.  These girls have been working hard and are prepared to put a great product out there for our young soccer stars to watch and be proud of.  All of these girls are good kids that enjoy the game of soccer and would love to spend some time after the game with our amazing fans that show up.  We really have a great womens soccer product, we hopefully can get some great support behind them.