Conversations with Coach Byrd [Part 1]

How has the recruiting process been for you this offseason?

The recruiting process has been very fun.  It allows us the ability to go after the most talented and standout players from across the country.  You start to mold a team together position wise of the top level kids and it makes the experience very fun.

What kind of talent can fans expect to see on the field this summer?

The kids we have signed are of the highest levels in the country.  Girls that have succeeded at the highest levels of college soccer and those that have represented their countries at the youth National Team levels.  The level of soccer for the fans should be awesome to watch and will be very fun for any aspiring girl to watch girls of this level this close to home.

What are your goals for the team?

The obvious answer would be to win a national championship, and of course that is the ultimate goal.  Along with that we want to prepare these girls to be the most fit and confident players they can be so when they go back to their college teams they look at this summer as a huge success and preparation time for them in furthering their soccer careers.

How do you build team chemistry in such a short time?

This is the tricky part.  You've got a group of girls who are all usually the best, or top players on their respective college teams.  You've got to try and find the right chemistry as a coach and put the right pieces in the right place.  The girls not only need to learn to trust and respect me as a coach, they need to learn to trust each other and try and adapt to different playing styles and egos.  The team building is something I'm extremely excited to do with this many high level players.

How do you feel about the move to play at Hurley Field? 

I'm excited to play at Hurley.  I think it's a great central location for fans from all across Michigan to come watch.  The facilities and field are great and the surrounding area is great for families to be.  There are a lot of great restaurants, shopping and bars around there that make for a great day of hanging, eating and watching quality soccer.